ST15K - 3GB/3 DAYS

3GB High-speed ST15K

ST15K - 3GB/3 DAYS

Product code: ST15K

Status : In stock

Product Groups: Mobile data packages

To register ST15K Viettel package, customers just need to compose a message with the syntax:

Send 'ST15K 0983448441' to 9123


  • ST15K is the name of the 3G / 4G / 5G Viettel package
  • 0961100555 is the number of agents support 3G/4G registration which is authorized by Viettel
  • 9123 is the switchboard for registering 3G/4G service of Viettel (free of charge for registration message).

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15,000 đ/3 days

ST15K Viettel package is an effective solution for those who need to use the internet in a short time, with only VND 15,000, you will get 3GB of high-speed data capacity for 3 days. With 3GB high speed you can access the internet quickly for work and entertainment. With the price of 15,000 VND / registration, the package is very suitable for those who are going to go out for a few days, go to places without Wifi network, those who travel.

Details of ST30K Viettel Package 

  • Registration fee: VND 15,000 / registration
  • Free 3GB high-speed data use for 3 days. Using up all the high-speed capacity, the system will automatically lower the bandwidth so you can still access the Internet for free with normal speed.
  • The usage period of the package: 3 days from the time of registering the package successfully. The package will automatically renew after 3 days of use if the main account still has enough fees.


How to register the ST30K Viettel package:

To register ST15K Viettel package, customers just need to compose a message with the syntax:

Send 'ST15K 0961100555' to 9123


Tips for customers to use Viettel's MIMAX90 package:

  • Check your remaining Viettel data balance by messaging 'KTTK' to 191.
  • There is no need to continue using the package, you can cancel 3G / 4G / 5G package with the syntax: 'HUY' to 191 then send Y to 191 to complete the cancellation procedure.

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