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To register for 3G/4G MIMAX70 of Viettel, customers only need to compose a message with the syntax:


Send 'MIMAX70 0983448441 to 9123


- MIMAX70 is the name of 3G/4G Viettel package
- 0961100555 is the number of agents support 3G/4G registration which is authorized by Viettel
- 9123 is the switchboard for registering 3G/4G service of Viettel (free of charge for registration message).

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70,000 đ/30 days

The Mimax 70 Viettel package is a 3G / 4G package for prepaid and postpaid subscribers of Viettel mobile subscribers. When registering this package, you will have 3GB of high-speed data to access the Internet on mobile for 30 days for only VND 70,000. Out of high-speed data, you can still continue to access the network for free with normal speed.

If you are a mobile subscriber with normal access to the Internet such as reading newspapers, listening to music, texting online, surfing Facebook ... then the Mimax70 package is the perfect choice for you. It will help you to access high-speed network access throughout the month greatly convenient. You will be updated with information, entertainment, and relaxation through the use of data from this package to access the network.


Details of Viettel's MIMAX70 package:

  • Registration fee: VND 70,000 / registration.
  • Free 3GB high-speed data use for 30 days. Using up all the high-speed capacity, the system will automatically lower the bandwidth so you can still access the Internet for free with normal speed.
  • The usage period of the package: 30 days from the time of registering the package successfully. The package will automatically renew after 30 days of use if the main account still has enough fees (> 70,000 VND).
  • Particularly for Viettel student sim, register for Viettel's MIMAX70 package with only 50,000 VND and get a full package discount with 3GB high-speed data.

How to register MIMAX70 Viettel package:

To register for 3G / 4G / 5G MIMAX70 of Viettel, customers only need to compose a message with the syntax:

Send 'MIMAX70 0961100555' to 9123

As soon as you register the package successfully, you will receive a notification from the operator announcing plus 3GB to your data. Quickly restart the phone to start 30 days of free mobile Internet use.

Syntax support when using MIMAX70 Viettel package:

  • Check your remaining Viettel data balance by messaging 'KTTK' to 191.
  • There is no need to continue using the package, you can cancel 3G / 4G / 5G package with the syntax: 'HUY' to 191 then send Y to 191 to complete the cancellation procedure.

Hopefully, with the new great deal, the 3G package MIMAX70 Viettel will bring many interesting, useful, and meaningful experiences to customers.


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