T80K (500M + 500SMS/MONTH)

500 On-Net mins call +500 On-Net SMS T80K

T80K (500M + 500SMS/MONTH)

Product code: T80K

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Product Groups: COMBO packages for mobile

To register T80K Viettel package, customers just need to compose a message with the syntax:

Send 'T80K 0983448441' to 9123


  • T80K is the name of Viettel's preferential package
  • 0961100555 is the number of agents support 3G/4G registration which is authorized by Viettel
  • 9123 is the switchboard for registering 3G/4G service of Viettel (free of charge for registration message).

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80,000 đ/30 days

Voice calling and texting are essential needs of mobile users. In order to save costs for customers, Viettel offers a preferential package of voice calling with T80K Viettel messages for mobile subscribers. With only VND 80,000 in the main account, customers can immediately register for T80K Viettel package and receive 500 minutes of calling and 500 free on-net messages from the network. Voice calls or text messages are more comfortable because now the cost is no longer a matter for you to worry about. T80K Viettel package is applied to all Viettel prepaid mobile subscribers, when you need to contact regularly, you can register now without having to worry whether you belong to Viettel T80K promotion package.


Details of Viettel T80K package:

  • Registration fee: VND 80,000 / time charged to main account of subscribers.
  • Offer 500 minutes of free Viettel on-net call and 500 free on-net SMS
  • Registered subjects: Viettel T80K package is applied to all prepaid subscribers of Viettel
  • The package is automatically renewed after 30 days of use if the main account has enough renewal fee.

How to register the T80K Viettel package:

To register T80K Viettel package, customers just need to compose a message with the syntax:

Send 'T80K 0961100555' to 9123


Supporting syntaxes when using T80K Viettel package:

  • Check the remaining minutes of on-net calls and free on-net SMS numbers of Viettel T80K package: KTT80K to 109.
  • If there is no need to continue using T80K Viettel package, please write: HUYVT send to 109.
  • The T80K Viettel package does not have data preferences, so when you need internet access, do not forget to register yourself for MIMAX packages to receive more high speed data incentives from Viettel network.

Above is the detail of Viettel T80K package hope that the package will bring you moments of communication and texting with friends and relatives that are fun and comfortable.

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